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You can easily register in less than 30 seconds as a vendor using the vendor registration page.


· Content creation is free of charge for the first 100 products.

Information Required For Account Creation:

· Email Address, Phone no, Name of account manager, and Shop Name (notification automatically sent for each order received to the availed addresses)

· Price list for product creation and Product Images

· Payment details, Mobile Money Account Number And Name


· 15%
· The commission charged on the product delivered (removed automatically from each payout)

· Order Processing fee – Applicable Mobile Money Charges

· Online Price =(Price + 15% + Mobile Money Charges)


· Sellers have complete control of their account on Fashion.ug through “Fashion.ug Vendor Dashboard”

· Stock & Price management

· Account statement overview


. Once vendor receives order, the are required to send the products to our head office ( in Kunya, Kireka Road) within a maximum of 2 business days or the order will be camcelled


· Payment made Once a week after successful delivery of the orders in that week.

· Payment Method: Mobile Money

We look forward to partnering with your Brand. I remain available for any inquiries.

Do not hesitate to reach out in case of any questions.

Please refer to this post for detailed information.

You need to have products in the fashion category to sell on this website and you need to operate out of kampala.

We charge a 15% commission fee on each order

You can withdraw your balance every week and you will be paid through Mobile Money

You are supposed to process and delivery your products to our office (Kunya, Kireka Road, Near Chello Petrol Pump) within 2 business days of order receival